Don’t want to look over my shoulder and see regrets

Want to live a life of happiness, rich fulfillment, giving and, mostly, love

Can’t go back once grown

Too late



Free Spirit

Hither and yon you do roam
Exotic locales you call home
Conventionality never your fortay
Doing and saying your own special way
Seeing, hearing, touching, teaching
Caring for those around you
Are you aware of all you do?
Unafraid of taking chances
Your life your own choices
So spread your wings Free Spirit, and soar.

I wrote this decades (circa. 1989) ago meaning to send it to my sister Mary Rose. At the time she was teaching English in Japan. I still have, and cherish, the long letters she wrote to me and the kids.

This poem was written for, and dedicated to, my sister Mary Rose. I hope that you enjoy it.

All my love