Lucky and Hiro




97088D8B-59EE-4457-A05F-7BD65EC19E4CThis is Hiro, Lucky’s ‘lil brother. He is a true rescue kitty as he was found under a oil barrel at my husbands workplace {his family is feral and still runs wild around the area}. He was a scrawny little spitfire no bigger than Erik’s hand. First things first bath then food. Poor guy was filthy and starving!

The name Hiro means “tolerant” and that he is. When Hiro was 1 years old we started watching our granddaughter who was 8 weeks old. When Rory would nap, Hiro was next to her napping. When Rory is playing, Hiro is next to her watching. My daughter calls him “chill kitty”. I suppose he is and extremely special to boot!

Free Spirit

Hither and yon you do roam
Exotic locales you call home
Conventionality never your fortay
Doing and saying your own special way
Seeing, hearing, touching, teaching
Caring for those around you
Are you aware of all you do?
Unafraid of taking chances
Your life your own choices
So spread your wings Free Spirit, and soar.

I wrote this decades (circa. 1989) ago meaning to send it to my sister Mary Rose. At the time she was teaching English in Japan. I still have, and cherish, the long letters she wrote to me and the kids.

This poem was written for, and dedicated to, my sister Mary Rose. I hope that you enjoy it.

All my love